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Lyricist : Dharmaraj Thapa

Dharmaraj Thapa is much known for his outstanding service for the development of folksongs and Nepali literature in tandem. His unflinching dedication to the service of Nepali folk-song and literature has made him larger than life.
Dharmaraj Thapa was born at Batulechaur in 1924. Unlike his father, Harka Bahadur Thapa, who fought in the First World War, Dharmaraj didn’t show an iota of inclination to join in the military service. His interest rather lay in Nepali folk-songs and literature. Today, his efforts to promote these two loves of his life have been fully recognised. Several important awards, prizes, honours, and commendations have made him famous.
Dharmaraj Thapa received the highest honor of Nepali literature, Madan Purustkar, in 1968 for ‘Mangali Kusum, a lyrical poem. “MADAN PURUSKAR” is the highest literary award of the country. There are countless awards and felicitations bestowed upon him.
He received the title of “Bulbul Shan” awarded by Laxmi Prasad Devkota in 1951, a gold medal awarded by Nepali Sahitya Sammelan in 1953, “Devkota Puruskar”, first prize received in 1955 in a poetry competition, “Janakavi Keshari”, awarded by King Mahendra in 1956, “Subhjanmostashav Padak”, awarded by the king Mahendra in 1956, “Indrarajyalaxmi Puruskar”, awarded by the Royal Nepal Academy, “Yugkavi Siddhicharan Shrestha Puruskar”, awarded by Kumudini Homes, Pokhara, “Chhinlata Geet Puruskar” in 1998, “Jagdambashree Puruskar” in 1998, “Yugkavi Siddhicharan Shrestha Puruskar” in 1998 and so on.
Dharmaraj is also credited to bring legendary sarangi player Jhalakman Gandharva to limelight. Had he not coaxed Jhalakman and brought him to kathmandu, who knows, the country might have never known a talent call Jhalakman.

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