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Artist : Nabin K Bhattarai

Nabin K. Bhattarai (born March 14, 1974, in Kathmandu, Nepal) is a singer.
He has won the 'Sajha Smriti Award' for Best Male Vocalist on two occasions, first for Preetka Geet (Raharai Raharama) and then for Aankha ma Timilai. He also won Album of the Year Award for Raharai Raharama. He further won the 'Shikhar Hits FM Music Award 2054 B.S.' as the Best Male Vocal for Saanja Pakha. His album 'Avash' is arguably one of the most popular albums of all time in Nepal's modern music industry. He has won several Hits FM Awards.[2] Some of his notable hits include 'Sajha Pakha', 'Timilai Ma Dobato Maa', 'Timile Herda Kasailai', 'Timilai Bhetne','Chaina Joona', 'Yaad Le Timro' and many others. He is considered to be the first real popstar of Nepal with a huge number of fans.

T Raat Bityo Added on 16th May 2016 15279 hits
C Ali alikati pida huda ni Added on 16th Aug 2013 15717 hits
C Sanjha pakha ekaantama Added on 26th Aug 2012 23173 hits
T Ye Jhari najhari deu Added on 29th Mar 2012 11944 hits
C Khadai nakhako bish Added on 16th Dec 2011 11266 hits
C Raharai rahar ma Added on 28th Jan 2008 6261 hits
C Ma Maya Laudina Added on 27th Aug 2005 12271 hits
T Timile herda kasailai Added on 20th May 2005 18360 hits
T Yehi ho ta maya Added on 25th Nov 2004 21247 hits
T Yaad sanchi kati basu Added on 28th Feb 2003 11371 hits
C Timro mayale malai satauncha Added on 28th Feb 2003 5952 hits
T Saayed timi nai hau Added on 17th Feb 2003 22227 hits
C Bajaunda bajaundai Added on 15th Feb 2003 4623 hits
C Preet geet rache maile Added on 15th Feb 2003 5122 hits
C Samjhan timro mitho cha Added on 15th Feb 2003 9362 hits
C Bhijeko nazarle Added on 15th Feb 2003 4580 hits
C Aakash runcha Added on 15th Feb 2003 4163 hits
C Yaad ayo pheri aaja Added on 15th Feb 2003 4373 hits
T Aankhama timilai paaunchu Added on 15th Feb 2003 27517 hits
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