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Artist : Nima Rumba

Nima Rumba is the second son of three, born in Suvarnapur in Nepal on the 26th of May. Even though he enjoyed music, he never thought he would become a singer and songwriter, seeing himself as more of an artist. Sketching pictures and giving them away as gifts, Nima Rumba was certain that art was the direction his life was following, but an encounter with a few of his brother’s musical friends changed his life forever.
In 1989, Nima Rumba embarked on his musical career, joining his brother’s friend in a band they named The Bass. Playing together, with Rumba on lead vocals, at colleges, campuses and anywhere they found an opportunity, he learnt a lot about music, instruments and vocal performances in the almost four years he spent with them. But due to lack of funds and support, the band had gone as far as they could and eventually disbanded. However, another opportunity was waiting for Nima Rumba as he crossed the path of Jyoti Ratna Bajracharaya. Together with a few other members they formed the band The Peace and finally, after writing the song “Aai Deu Priya”, they got the chance to record their very first song.
In 1992, the band took part in the Rara Nepali Music Competition, where they won second place and a chance to have their song released on the Talent 1 CD. This brought The Peace to the public, and soon concerts and fan mail were swamping the band members. Unfortunately, instead of growing together, a difference in opinions in regard to music styles began to break the band apart and so Nima Rumba decided to rather embark on a solo career. By 1993, he had written his first solo song called “Jadaichu Tadha Tadha”, which was released on the Touch 1 collection. Rumba started working hard on writing his own songs, releasing them on various collection albums for exposure.
Singing in bars, casinos and restaurants to get money paid off, as one customer saw the potential in Rumba and gave him Rs. 10 000 to record his album. After getting enough money together, Nima Rumba recorded his first album, “Suna Suna”, in 1994, and the rest, as they say, is history. In 1996, Rumba released “Memories”, followed by “Huri Batas” in 2000, “Lolita” in 2002, “Best of Nima Rumba” in 2002 and “Faith” in 2004. And as his fan base and awards keep increasing, so does his popularity and success as a recording artist. Described by critics as one of the best stage performers in Nepal, Rumba always strives to give his fans the best of himself, live or on CD.

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