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Artist : Sanjaya Shrestha

Sanjay Shrestha, born on 27th March in Janakpur, is among the favorite Nepali pop artists. His song " Maya Meri Maya " has been a immortal song for all the Nepalese With the success of this song , he headed forward with his music career and at this time he is in the hearts of many Nepali music lovers.
He started he career of music since 1992 and still , he is in this field and giving his new albums each year to his listeners. His first album " Naya mode" was his great hit. Similarly his other albums are " ghumda ghumdai", "euta gaun thiyo", and talking about the band Crossroads, there are five members and was formed in 1991. The band members are Sharad Mahat, Bhusan Khanal, Sanjay Shrestha, Nimbu Lama and Binayak Shah.

C Euta gaun thiyo Added on 17th Aug 2013 5885 hits
C timi bina sansar birano Added on 29th May 2011 2287 hits
C Tyo mutulai choyera Added on 9th Aug 2008 14172 hits
C Tada Najai deu timi Added on 17th Jun 2006 7449 hits
C Maya Meri Maya Added on 15th Feb 2006 17351 hits
T Choyera bhanchu yo mutulai Added on 3rd Feb 2003 3347 hits
C Jaau timi jaau Added on 3rd Feb 2003 3287 hits
T Chadi jaane mayaluko Added on 3rd Feb 2003 3474 hits
T Tada bhayera k huncha Added on 3rd Feb 2003 3049 hits
T Manale khai kasalai Added on 3rd Feb 2003 2709 hits
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