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Kahile Kahile

Band : 1974 A.D.
Musician : Same
Lyricist : Not Available
Provided by: Kiran K. Subba
For more detail chord go to official website of 1974 AD
Intro Chords : (Gm/Cm/F/Bb/Cm/F/Bb/Bb/D/D) x 2
Keyboard piece same as above chords combination but only once.

  Gm     Bb     Cm     Gm          Bb     D             Gm/D aug/Bb/D aug
Kahile kahile timro jhajhalko yo aankhama nachauna mana lagchha..........
  Gm     Bb     Cm     Gm          Bb        D      Gm/D aug/Bb/D aug
Kahile kahile timilai kalpana ko rani banai hidauna mana lagchha..........

Guitar lead : Gm/Cm/F/Bb/Cm/F/Bb/D x 2

Bb            Gm         Cm     F                Bb        D
Timilai jiwan ko bhakha sitai sandhai bandhu bhanchhu........
       Bb     Gm           Cm F               Bb
Tara sabai yi mera bhawana ka lahar matrai naihun
         F     Gm/D aug/Bb/D aug
Jasto malai lagchha..........................
Gm      Bb
Kahile kahile....................

Guitar lead: Gm/Cm/F/Bb/Bb/Cm/F/Bb/Bb/D/D

Bb           Gm           Cm   F               Bb      D
Timilai maya ko shabda bhari chithi lekhu bhanchhu.......
       Bb       Gm         Cm F                Bb
Tara sabai yi mera kalpana ka bahai matrai nai hun
         F     Gm/D aug/Bb/D aug
Jasto malai lagchha...............
Gm     Bb
Kahile kahile .........................


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