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Samhali rakhe yo man

Singer : Miscellaneous
Musician :
Lyricist :
Album : Tadha
Song Provided By : Pradeep Sapkota
Samhali rakhey yo maan by pradeep sapkota. The first music video of mine. After recording the song i felt like adding some good things to the song and probably that could be a video. With the good help of my friends i was able to shoot video for the song in very limited. I had to come india for my further studies so i couldnt make the best video. But this is my first try. If you love the song or video please donont forget to comment. I need to know if i am good at this or not ?
thank you.

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All about my first song "Samhali rakhey yo Maan". This pics were taken on shooting spot and music studio. I am thankful to eveyrone.

Song Name : Samhali Rakhey Yo Maan
Singer : Pradeep Sapkota (Myself)
Composed : Pradeep Sapkota (Myself)
Lyrics: Pradeep Sapkota (Myself)
Album : Tadha
Music Arranged By : Manoj Khadka (megahertz studio)
Recorded : Studio megahertz , Butwal.
Special Thanks to : Basant shrestha dai, Rupesh shrestha dai

Actor : Pradeep / Dibya
Directors : Nav malla/ Nishin abraham
Camerman : Lov Karki / Ashish ghimire
Story : Sudan bhandari, Abisekh gyawali, Rajan neupane
Make up : Mamta

Thank you all :)

C              F
Samhali rakhey yo maan
G          C
angalnechu farkera
C              F
sangali rakhey dukha
G            C
linechu feri farkera
F                G               C
(Tadha jadaichu, Tadha jadaichu, Tadha jadaichu) *2



C                  F
Nasatnu maya malai birsera
G        C
bichodma tadpinchu
C              F
kuri basnu purano thau
G             C
auchu ma angalnechu
F              G             C
(eklowpanalai, eklowpanalai, eklowpanalai ) *2



C               F
Naroidinu malai samjhera
G         C
sapani ma jhaskinchu
C               F
suni dinu geeta mero
G              C
ma chitai farkanechu
F              G             C
(maya shamjhi, maya shamjhi, maya shamji) *2


Video of the Song

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